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Local Deliveries On-Demand

Move 1-12 pallets in any city, in the USA Online and with Reliable Local Carriers

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LTL Freight On-Demand when you need it.

Go AssetCo provides useful local delivery solutions for 1-12 pallets with vetted carriers. Manage all your local milk runs with a carrier that has access to Go Truck Hub software and the best rates while seeing your shipments in real time all in one location across the USA. Procure from 50,000+ Carriers online by signing up to our Freight Matching TMS. Connect direct with Reliable Carriers and Track Shipments Start to Finish with no need for middle man. We will manage all carriers vet them, keep them honest and make sure you pay for reliable service.

Procure and Match with Carriers for Local Deliveries
53 FT Trailers
26 ft Box Trucks
16 ft Box Trucks
TSA Approved
Airport Transfers
Temperature Controlled
FDA Approved
FDA Approved

Our commitment to the best customer service possible, partnered with cutting-edge technology, allows us to manage your truckload transportation requirements with a personalized hands-on approach yet reduces our cost by allowing you to work directly with the carrier and get the rate you are comfortable with.  

For instance, utilizing our services will provide Shippers the ability to post a load on our loadboard, if within 1 hour one of vetted carriers does not take the load the load will move to Nationwide Load Boards, when a Carrier takes the load, we will process the carrier and make sure our AI Technology algorithms allow that carrier to meet the strict onboarding requirements. From there the order is put in our TMS the Carrier accepts tracking and our TMS will provide real time visibility via Go Truck Hub App found on Google Play and iTunes. Once the Carrier completes the load, you will rate the carrier receive a Proof of Delivery and confirm that there are no discrepancies and damages. We will pay the Carrier within 3 days of your confirmation yet give you Terms based on your credit history.

3PL Technology, Via Go Truck Hub TMS

3PL technology Go Truck Hub TMS provides a featured enriched dashboard for each dedicated user along with visibility on all your truckload, container drayage, and local delivery shipments. Live GPS tracking, texting, rate route calculator, Map View, integrations with Quickbooks, KeepTruckin, DAT, driver recruitment, CRM, Carrier Profiles and so much more can be found.

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Direct Match Between Shippers and Carriers

Shippers can create a tailored network of carriers per lane for multiple modes of transport. Go Truck Hub’s growing nationwide network directly connects you to certified carriers:

  • Vetted Safer Rating
  • HOS

Detailed Carrier Profile of each Carrier


Choose between Full Truck Load, Container Drayage or Local Carriers
Dedicated Shipper Representatives can help you from start to finish.

Say Goodbye to Hidden Broker Fees

Receive rate confirmations directly, creating a more transparent relationship with carriers

  • DRAYAGE LOAD 10% Administration Fee
  • FULL TRUCK LOAD 5% Administration Fee
  • LOCAL DELIVERIES 8% Administration Fee
  • WAREHOUSING 10% Administration Fee

Shipper Representatives working directly with your account at no HIDDEN FEES

Fully Managed, 100% Guaranteed Payments
  • Open up a credit line of 30 days with Go AssetCo
  • Automatic invoicing with all documentation attached per load
  • All loads are paid by Go AssetCo
  • Select when you want to receive your payment using our flexible Direct pay option
    • 1.5 % Quick Pay Option
Select the Carrier & Service Level Required

Dedicated team ready to handle your requests, provide quotes, compare rates, select LTL carriers, Drayage Carriers or Full Truck Load Carriers. Profiles per Carrier as well as any Carrier who has warehouses you can also see this on each carrier profile. Create bills of lading, and handle all booking and management of your shipment.

Our experts will proactively track, communicate and resolve issues every step of the way.
Type of service you can expect: Full Truck Load, Container Drayage, Local Deliveries and Warehousing.

BBB A+ Accredited Business - Freight Matching - Go Assetco - #goassetco - #doxidonut -
BBB A+ Accredited Business - Freight Matching - Go Assetco - #goassetco - #doxidonut -

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Certified Nationwide Operations

  • Safety & Hazmat Certified
  • Yearly Training Seminars
  • DOT # & MC Approved
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Approved

Strategic 3PL FTL Locations

  • Yard Container Site
  • 15 Min. from Port Miami
  • 15 Min. from PortEverglades
  • Dedicated Port Employees
  • Tech-Enabled 3PL Operations
  • Geo-Fenced & Targeting for ROI
  • 15 Min. from Miami International Airport


  • 15 Landoll Trailers
  • 30,000 pound forklift
  • 50,000 pound forklift
  • 15 Flat Bed Trailers
  • Landoll 53 ft & 48 ft
  • 10 Step Deck Trailers
  • 10 Low Boy RGN Trailers
  • Dedicated Crane Services
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