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We got you covered with over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space nationwide.

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So, how does on-demand warehousing and fulfillment work?

Go Assetco has a network of 1000+ warehouses across the U.S. we connect companies that are in need of additional warehouse space with Carriers who utilize our trucking platform and also are warehousemen. Many carriers offer value added services like warehousing we are connecting you with them. Giving you exact details on what type of space they have and leveraging our “Lite: WMS Software so that the visibility and service is controlled in our cloud base system.

The combination of the “LITE” WMS and the Fully robust TMS will give you a superior advantage to manage your entire supply chain from one place online.

What is On-Demand Warehousing?

The ability to need space anywhere at any given time and find solutions that are dynamic and specific to your needs without picking up the phone or making a call. Having data driven profiles for you to make quick and educated decisions. Once you are logged in to our network you can implement short or long term warehouse solutions in half the time it would traditionally take you to procure.

Are There Minimum Requirements To Utilize a Warehousemen?

Yes, there is a $250 Minimum per month for per warehouseman Transaction. Please feel free to emai us at warehouse@assetcofreight.io for specific details.

What are the Fees?

Every warehouseman will have their own schedule of charges that you will be able to directly work out with that specific provider. We only charge a 10% Administration fee to store all the data on our platform and make sure you are protected with our money back guarantees. You can utilize our bidding system to set rates and get multiple warehousemen to bid. Every city and state has different rate structures so we try to set defined rates per pallet, box, weight or cubic foot as well as accessorials as we build profiles for the warehousemen. Each profile will have a schedule of charges for standard services.

Do You Offer Case Or Item Pick And Fulfillment?

Yes we do offer item and box fulfillment direct to consumer as well as retail. Please contact us at warehouse@assetcofreight.io for more information

How Can I Be Sure My Goods Will Be Safe Inside Go AssetCo Partner Warehouses?

When we profile and vet each warehousemen we go thru a list of insurance, warehouse protocol, we get pictures of the facility, the type of access control and security measures they have in place. We look at their online presence and what type of reviews customers have left them. We also ask all Warehousemen to join the IWLA. Our Platform is continually monitoring their KPI and making sure the performance is up to our standards.

How Do You Handle Liability For The Goods That Are Stored?

Each of our warehouse providers is required to have insurance and assumes liability for loss or damage that they cause to the goods that they store, or for damage caused due to their negligence. The owners of the goods maintain coverage for any damage caused by “acts of God/acts of nature.” Warehouse providers can also get access to additional Warehouse Legal Liability insurance through Go Assetco.

How Would A Claim Be Handled If The Facility Were To Damage One Or Several Of My Pallets?

Go Assetco has a claims department that will work as a neutral arbitrator on your behalf as well as on behalf of the warehousemen to handle all claims. We will fully investigate all claims and come up with a decision within 30 days of the claim being received.

How Is Inventory Tracked? What Happens If There Is A Discrepancy In The Inventory Count Between The Goods Owner And The Warehouse?

Every pallet is assigned a unique pallet ID at the point a new order for storage is created in our system. When pallets are delivered to the warehouse, the warehouse operator uses these IDs to verify that what they receive matches the order reservation prior to putting the pallets away. If there is any discrepancy, the online WMS will have the received count.

Are the prices listed in the marketplace accurate?

We do our best to ensure that pricing is as up to date and accurate as possible; however, listed prices are subject to change based on current warehouse capacity, demand, etc. Every reservation includes a scope document to which both parties (shippers and warehouses) agree that includes finalized pricing based on exact project requirements. Its imperative that you update rates during the bidding process every 30 days as rates are valid for 30 days.

Can I have access to my pallets at the warehouse?

Due to liability and security of the warehouse facility, physical access to the warehouse is not allowed. There are exceptions and this should be discussed during the procurement process if needed. If the warehousemen does allow this we would need General Liability as well as Workers Compensation with Go Assetco as the insured party prior to access.

Do you provide transportation services to or from your warehouse locations?

This is what makes us so unique. Our Platform manages 3 modes of transport, Local Deliveries, Container Drayage and Full Truck Load, So you can have access to carriers as well as warehousing options all in 1 platform.

How do I get started?

There are a few ways to get started:

  1. Call us at 1.888.662.4928
  2. Use our Get Started form, located at the bottom of pages on our website. An associate will reach out to you once your information is submitted.
  3. Use our Contact form. An associate will reach out to you once your information is submitted.
  4. Use our Locations section of the website to explore our network of warehouses and inquire about availability.

How does your system integrate with my WMS?

Our WMS will integrate with all major shopping carts. Amazon, Shopify, Magento to name a few. If you have a shipper side WMS we can integrate as well using our API Codes. Please feel free to contact us at warehouse@assetcofreight.io for integrations.

What if my product is floor-loaded in containers?

Container de-vanning services can be provided for floor loaded containers. This is a rate that can vary based on the number of boxes, weight per box and how you would like to palletize. Its imperative you request a quote for floor loaded containers by advising the warheousemen of the details and the size of the container.

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BBB A+ Accredited Business - Freight Matching - Go Assetco - #goassetco - #doxidonut -
BBB A+ Accredited Business - Freight Matching - Go Assetco - #goassetco - #doxidonut -
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